How to Prepare for GMAT While Working


How to Prepare for GMAT While Working

Are you a working somewhere? Bored and looking for switching your job profile? Then MBA is the ideal one for you!! For applying MBA, you need to ready for the preparation of GMAT. Recent years, GMAT has become so popular across the globe and become essential one to apply in international B-schools. Now comes the elusive question which such professionals face – “How to prepare for GMAT while working?”

This is the first question which strikes your mind when you decide on taking the GMAT exam. Here are some essential points which will help you in beating the GMAT:

Dedicate 2 Hours:

Generally, the working hour of any office is between 9.30am to 6.30 pm. So, you need to make the proper timeframe for your study. You can dedicate 2 hours daily. Also, on the weekend day, you can increase the time frame for your study.

GMAT contains these main topics- Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative Aptitude and Integrated Reasoning

You can utilize your free time and break hours by reading a lot of articles. This will help you in enhancing your vocabulary.

And for the analytical writing assessment, you can utilize your weekend on writing articles.

Map out a detailed study plan:

Make a proper study plan for GMAT preparation. This will help you to make your task less daunting. Make sure, you divide your time appropriately for all sections of the test. Check yourselves at a weekly basis. How much you have progressed since the beginning of your preparation.

This will also be effective so that you don’t miss out on any important topics. Since you are already juggling a full-time job and preparing for the exam such small strategies will help you tremendously.

Lay a Strong Foundation of Basics:

Basically, GMAT is comprised of fundamental middle and high school math and verbal learning. As you are working and have been isolated from studies for a long time,  its been a little bit difficult for you to solve the questions within a limited time. So, it’s better to do regular practice to overcome initial anxiety you may face during the exam.

You can also rest assured that the exam pattern for GMAT tests skills which naturally belong to individuals with a few years of experience.

Take Mock Test Regularly:

First, at the start of your preparation for GMAT, take a mock test to test yourself. It will help you to show you how much improvement you have to do and also how many days you will need for it. It will help you to give an idea of your weakness and strengths also. For example, if you score 400-500 without preparation, you may need to study seriously and hard for almost 6 months.

After that, you can plan accordingly which topic is your weak one. Then, devote your major time for your weak topics.. When you regularly attempt mocks they give you a clear idea of the testing conditions of GMAT like – the breaks, the timing required for each section, the no use of a calculator in the Quant section etc.

Don’t Quit Job:

Don’t think of quitting a job if you are planning to prepare for GMAT. Though it is a tough task to deal with the job and preparing for an exam at the same time, if you do with the proper planning and hard work, you can achieve the desired result. You only need two things one is smart planning and hard work. Planning is an important one for any work or study.

Also, having a job in hand is an extra advantage for you. Leaving job for preparation of GMAT, it might cause a bad impression on Resume.


So, as you see, students who are working but aspiring to give GMAT  exam, these points will help you to plan your study and achieve your desired goal. If you need any help further, Excel Education Institute will help you with your preparation of GMAT.


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