Why is TOEFL Exam Popular among International Students?


Why is TOEFL Exam Popular among International Students

Today’s young generation is very ambitious and their dreams are bigger. Most of the students dreamed of studying at the top universities in the world. They are even ready to study abroad. But, the major problem every non-English speaking students face is that they don’t have that much command on the English. They have to undergo an English test to assess their skills to get admission and visas.

Most of the Immigration Agencies and also universities seek your English proficiency. The scores of the TOEFL test will enable universities to assess the ability of the students before giving admission. This is the most important one, because if you have less command over English, you would face problems in communication

That’s why students who are willing to study abroad are moving towards TOEFL exam. TOEFL is becoming more popular amongst the international students. TOEFL tests your communication skills, writing skills. Below we have mentioned why TOEFL is becoming more popular amongst the international students.

A complete test

TOEFL is a test that helps to assess the ability of a student in the English language. It is a complete and comprehensive test consists of four sections-, reading, speaking and writing. All the questions are academic contents to test the ability of the candidates.


High Acceptance and Recognition

TOEFL is the one of the most popular and recognized English language test around the whole world. It is most important that the English language test is highly recognized and accepted by prestigious and the top universities in the world. Because it is of no use if are taking an English language test if that is not accepted or recognized. TOEFL score has got wide popularity and acceptance – 10, 000 organizations including the top universities and colleges of the study abroad destinations. You won’t face difficulty in getting admission, visa, migration and other purpose using this score.


Get Quick, Fair and Unbiased Score

TOEFL score is fair and unbiased one because it conducts a computer-based test. After taking an exam, you will get this test score within 10. Further, the score is valid for 2 years after taking once.


Authorised centers and test dates

TOEFL test is conducted by ETS. They conduct this test more than 50 times a year. Students should use the TOEFL voucher to get a discount on the original price of this test while booking at the authorized centers. The organization has 350 centers operating in over 165 countries around the globe. You won’t face a problem in getting a flexible date for schedule your test.

Notably, this test is taken by millions of international students worldwide. Make sure to study genuine material to get the desired score in the first attempt. Practice mock test to obtain knowledge and ideas of questions that will come in the exam.

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