Top 5 Tips to Improve Your SAT Score

 Top 5 Tips to Improve Your SAT Score


Are you preparing for SAT exam and confused where to start, which part is more important and how to get better score?? Then don’t worry too much!! Every student who is going to face SAT exam, are having same problems. To overcome these problems you have to make a proper planning to face it. To get started you have to understand the content and the format of the exam. Then you can study and prepare accordingly and go for a test full of confidence.


If you’re looking to improve your SAT scores, this is the post for you. Here, we’ll outline our top 5 ways that you can improve your results. Read on to learn them all.

1: Set A Target Score

A good way to start your SAT Exam campaign is to set a target score. It helps to determine how much work is in front of you. Your target score should take several factors into account.

The first factor you have to consider that how much score you are expecting. While considering realistic conditions, you have to set target score that maximizes your potential.

For example, if you set a target of 500, there is an improvement of 200 points is feasible for you.

The other factor to consider when setting a target score is the list of schools to which you intend to apply. You should take into account the score ranges of admitted students at those schools when setting your targets.


2: Figure Out Which Mistakes You Make Most

Practice test help to reveal your weakness and mistakes you have done in that SAT prep test. Your score report will indicate which content areas are most in need of improvement; they will not reveal the specific kinds of error to which you’re most susceptible. Evaluate your practice test result carefully and improve your score while giving your actual test.

This also helps to lower your anxiety. And you will able to give test confidently.


3: To prep for the Reading & Writing Test:

One of most lookout section of SAT is reading and writing sections. Read more non-fiction outside the classroom, you could read the articles from the newspaper, magazines like the Economist will also provide passage similar to those found on the Reading Test of the SAT.

This definitely helps you to boost your SAT score help boost your score on the Reading Test of the New SAT.

 Another section is the writing test You can improve your score on the Language and Writing Tests of the SAT start by learning all your grammar rules.


4: Improve Math section on the SAT:

Practicing the maths section will help you to solve this section within a time limit. So, you have to review your mental maths techniques. This will come in handy for the non-calculator section of the New SAT. Maths section includes Algebra, complex equations, etc. Learn basic Math short-cuts, Eg: square roots, roots, Pythagoras triplets to save time and effort.


5: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Not only is it important to do lots of practice to improve your score on the SAT it is also important to practice full-length tests. Practice test helps you to identify your weakness and thereafter you can work on it to improve that part.

 Most students practice individual sections and don’t do that!! Take at least 8-10 full-length practice test before your actual SAT exam. It will definitely improve your score by at least 30-60 points.

To improve your SAT score, make sure you follow these tips. Also, if you need further help, Excel Education Institute will provide you and make sure you will get into a college of your dreams!



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