How to Tackle Test Anxiety

how to tackle test anxiety

Exam!! We all fear of exam, right?? It doesn’t matter how much we study, we all go through stress before appearing in the exam. You have been studying hard day and night but when you walk into the exam room and suddenly your mind goes blank. Or does your heart rate run fast and you feel sweaty during exam?? Has this ever happened to you?

If yes, it is exam anxiety. It is a feeling of intense fear or panic during an exam. It is completely normal to feel a little bit nervous before or during the test but some students find it difficult to handle their anxiety. Some student feels nausea, headache or unable to concentrate. But, this anxiety might affect your marks.

Anxiety might happen due to fear of failure or bad experiences taking an exam in the past. So, managing and controlling your fear or panic during the exam is an essential one. We here mentioned some tips for you to control your fear and will able you to keep calm during the test.

  1. Be prepared:

First, the important thing is to prepare well before going to the exam. Because if you prepared well, you can feel more confident while facing the test. Due to being well prepared, you won’t panic or fear of tests. Take at least 3-4 practice test before the test, so that you will feel confident.

  1. Meditation:

To calm your mind and control your emotions, you should do meditation in the morning before going to study for at least 5-10 min. It will also help you to concentrate on your study.

  1. Get a sufficient sleep:

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep at least 8-9 hours per night is vital for your body and brain to function properly. Save your energy rather than worrying about what will happen in the exam. You don’t need to stay up all night to study. You can wake up early in the morning for study. Your brain also needs rest just like you!!

  1. Eat meals at the proper time:

Some students skip their meals to save their study time. But don’t do that!! During exam time due to mental work, you need to eat healthy food at a proper time.

  1. Get to the classroom early:

You need to go to your exam site at least 45 min earlier. Going late will only amp up the anxiety. Set the alarm clock before the exam night so that you can reach the location on time.

  1. Read Question Paper carefully:

Now its time to take a test. Before writing the answers, you should read the directions thoroughly and read all the questions. Have a confidence and positive mind so that anxiety will not touch you.

  1. Watch the clock:

It will be difficult for you to answer all the question on time if you don’t allocate how much time you will spend on each specific section. It will be helpful for you to stay on pace. By doing this if you get a time, you can use it to recheck your answers.

So, all you need is to follow the above tips and you will be able to tackle anxiety. Don’t pay attention to what other students are talking during the exam. Be confidence and be prepared!! It will be a lot of easier for you to tackle your exam fear. Stop worrying about failure and have a confidence in yourself!!


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